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  1. I'm currently a students who's pursuing nursing and currently doing CNA. I'm having difficulty getting into the flow of things at clinical. I have done volunteering and a Medical Clinical course in the past, about 4 years ago, which provided me experience in the healthcare field but currently I feel out of flow. I feel that with the expectations that my instructer inspects from clinical, I dont think I can fulfill it. I learn at my own pace and with the help of the CNA at the facility to guide me, it helps with my learning but to my instructor's expectations, it makes it seem like it's not enough.

    I currently have 2 1/2 months left in the program, which I know to continue to push through it but it gives me a small fear whether I'll meet expectations when I start nursing school.
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  3. by   MamaCatNeighbor
    Am I the only one that feels this way? Anyone with a similar experience as mine?
  4. by   Orion81RN
    I had a VERY tough time with the clinical aspect. Quite the long story, actually. Anyway, I pushed through the few months then never looked back.

    As far as Nursing School, there are open lab hours where you can practice your skills over and over. CNA cert and Nursing license only get you so far. You get your groove down when you start working. Chin up
  5. by   Jammons
    We all have the feelings of doubt ,if u are truly called to do this work ,you will endure,use all information available to you and keep it fresh in your mind .
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