Challenging the CNA Exam in Florida?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I was curious to know if there is anyone out there who has challenged the CNA exam in FL and has done it successfully. Actually, anyone who has challenged the exam in any state that allows it is welcome to reply. I am seriously motivated to pursue CNA licensure this way.

    For anyone who does not know what that means, to challenge the exam means to take the test without having been trained as a CNA and have no experience as one. Here in FL, we have some places that prep you for the test in 20-hour programs, where they teach you the 21 skills and giving you ample practice time. This is in lieu of attending a formal training class at a tech school or community college which could be $600+ and many more weeks of training. I took a sample written test recently in one of those test prep books and passed quite easily, but I am more concerned about the clinical skills test. I know there is a prep course in Lake Mary that charges like $325 for the 20-hour bootcamp. There is also a cheaper prep in Orlando that allows you to train via videos. Exploring all options at this time - and clearly wanting to save some $$ since the testing and background check is going to be @ $150, you know?

    Also, if you have successfully challenged the exam, have you had difficulty finding a job due to the fact that you never attended a formal training program? Do you need a job in order to get and keep the license? I read something in the application packet about your passing scores being good for 4 months, something like that - so not sure what that means.

    Feedback anyone? Thanks!!

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  3. by   rifetamenkovic11
    You have to complete a class and get certify all jobs want u to be trained and aplication for cna is 125 by itself so u can go to site and it will tell u what u need and all the cost good luck

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  4. by   rifetamenkovic11
    Also offers class for 295 and guarantee money back if you don't pass I went tru them and passed check them out

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  5. by   mvm2
    I see you are already a rn? is that right? then I think that indeed you should be able to skip the classes and pass with flying colors. If you go on youtube to 4yourcna, there are videos of all the skills. She is from florida as well so it is perfect for you to see what the skills look like step by steps. I think it really made me feel more confidance in knowing what they will be looking for when I did my skills.

    This has nothing to do with you since you are already a RN. But Sometimes I feel funny with people wanting to take short cuts to becoming a CNA, who have no training at all. It makes me feel that people don't really have a regard for the training that we do get in our CNA classes. We are being prepared to be able to do this job, and give the best care we can to the people we work with. Can people pass the written and skills test without going through training? I have no doubt that people can. But are they prepared for the job? are they prepared and have learned things that you will need to know. do you know how to change oz to cc? Do you know how to take a blood pressure? What are normal pulse rates? What is normal Resperations? what are the 4 stages of pressure sores? These could be test questons, and maybe they would not be on your test but they are all things we need to know to do your job. What if you went to work and because you did not take the classes was never taught about the different positions to put a person in. If a nurse asked you to switch Mrs. Jones to a Supine Position, would a CNA that never took a class know what that ment? They should but if not properly trained they might not know.
    How would it be if a smart person could pass the NCLEX without going through nursing school? Should they then be able to be a LPN? Of course not. So why is it that to be a CNA people should not have to go through a few weeks of learning, and a little expense. (maybe because some cna classes are free) to become a cna. Alot of jobs have to go to collage forthousands of dollars, and years of schooling? CNA takes less then 2 months out of your lives and with classes and testing fees will run you maybe around 1,000. In comparison it is a drop in a bucket to what others have to go through.
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  6. by   PacoUSA
    Wow, this thread is old lol. Yes, I am now an RN! When I started this thread I was just finishing my prereqs. I ended up getting accepted to a nursing school in NY and relocating away from FL. Graduated last year, passed NCLEX and now happily working. I never did get to challenge the CNA exam because by the time I got around to schedule it, it was a month before I had to move, so I didn't think there was a point to take it. However, I did take an abbreviated CNA course in preparation for it and even though I never tested, I still got a lot out of it in terms of skills and being comfortable in helping CNAs out when they need it. I do a lot of delegating as I have to as a nurse, but it's not beneath me to do CNA tasks myself if I have to.
  7. by   mvm2
    Oh wow I did not even pay attention to how old the topic was... I seen there was one person that replied, so I did not even look at how old this post was. There should be a way to not be able to post on a thread that is so old. It starts to be confusing. Glad that life has been treating you so well, and a big congrats on now becoming a succesful nurse. wishing you all happiness!