1. I'm a new CNA in fl and have an interview next week for a facility. The hours are sat and sunday 12 hour shifts. 30% pay on baylorship.

    It seems good working 12 hours and getting paid for 36 hrs anyone work baylor ship?
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  3. by   greeniebean
    I love baylor! I went on it about a year ago after working five days a week at my LTC for 4 years. (wanted to focus on school) I have my weeks free to spend time with my kids and do homework. I make just as much as the girls who work 5 days a week (probably more but I get paid more than them since I've been there so long!) If I need extra money I volunteer to work a shift during the week and my checks are awesome.

    The only downside is that a lot can change in 5 days at a nursing home. you have to get a FULL report every Saturday morning. Also this makes it harder to go into a job on baylor because it takes longer to get used to the hall since you aren't there everyday.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   fuzzywuzzy
    isn't it baylor SHIFT?
  5. by   Dorali
    I've heard about this a couple of times recently, can someone explain what Baylor means?
  6. by   greeniebean
    Baylor is where you agree to work predetermined shifts (usually weekends) and for doing so you get a "baylor" bonus. It's usually 8 or so paid hours even though you aren't actually working them. At my facility if you agree to work Sat and Sun 12 hour shifts you get an 8 hour baylor bonus.They do this because no one ever wants to work weekends but i've heard of some facilities that let you pick which shifts you want for your baylor.
  7. by   Okami_CCRN
    A baylor shift means you work every saturday and sunday and get paid as a full-time employee with full-time benefits. Baylor positions are hard to come by and I have only truly seen them in the Emergency Room and ICU. Most facilities where I live have done away with them because it is a loss of money.
  8. by   CNAmonica65
    Had the interview and it's 2 12 hour shifts and you get paid for the 24 hours. You don't get paid for fulltime just he 24 hours you work for the weekend
  9. by   greeniebean
    if you dont get extra it isn't baylor. You are considered full time when you're baylor.

    I'll have to admit it is a waste of money just because at my LTC everyone only gets on weekend off a month so they could probably fill those shifts with regular workers but I'm not complaining!