Anybody here took CNA exam at RED CROSS?

  1. Hello there, I am going to take my CNA exam on Thursday (RED CROSS) I need some advice because I am getting nervous. Anyone in here took exam at Red Cross? I want to know if they are strict (evaluators) compare to the other testing facility. I'm from MN and I didn't take my course there.
    Thank you so much and God bless!
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  4. by   Ev1987
    :heartbeatI took both the course and the state exams through the Red Cross. The written test covered most of what I've learned in class, but the skills exam was a bit more stressful. 20 others girls besides myself had to sit and wait in a hallway before we got our names called. There was 2 skill exam evaluators, and they had a list of people's names written down on a piece of paper. I waited about four hours before I got both my written and skills exam results. Personally, I got lucky and had a nice evaluator. Along with some pretty simple skills. But I know that the other skills evaluator was pretty tough. She failed a lot of people. Study your skills, and try to keep your nerves steady. Ask any questions that you have before you start your skills exam. Good luck!:redpinkhe
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    Hi, thank you so much are you from MN too? God bless!
  6. by   Ev1987
    Philadelphia, PA. Good luck on your exams and remember to study, study, study! Say your steps out loud and check out some CNA skills videos. It helped me a bit. I subscribed to jtduncan56's channel while I was studying my skills booklet. Practice on a friend or relative when you get a chance. heartbeat:heartbeat
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    thank you so much EV God bless!