Any daycare that operates until 12 midnight or 7am- 3pm LTC jobs

  1. hey everyone, i just did my cna exams and passed very well, both my skills and written exams. my performance in school was above average and sacrificed a lot.had to spend sleepless nights with my baby,who wouldn't sleep unless i curlde her to sleep,i had to nurse her until she was asleep so that i could read,which ended up to be late nights with 2hrs sleep or no sleep at all.

    now that i have graduated, i have managed to put in my applications to several ltc, i got reply from some of them, but they require me to work 3pm-11pm. my biggest problem is that all daycares that i know of operate from 6:30am- 6:30pm. i desperately need help in form of information, from any good samaritan which ever information that might be of heip.

    if anyone knows of a daycare that operates until 12midnight within wilkinsburg, penn hills, or in monroeville,or within codes 15235 kindly send me a reply.

    or if anyone knows of any long term care facilities that can give me a job schedule of 7am- 3,7am- 4pm kindly reply. i will appreciate whatever feedback i can get. i need a job, to pay bills and provide for my little one.

    i never thought that after all my hardwork and sleepless nights,it would be difficult to get an employer who would be kind enough to give me a 7am-3pm shift. my zipcode is 15235, so any assistance based on my 2 issues (daycare/job at ltc) will be appreciated.)am in your hands my dear ones, my heart pounding.....

    thanks everyone whose dedicated their time and love to care for others in our community.

    here we go nurses, lpn/lvn, cnas.

    yours malima
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  3. by   ChristineN
    As a new CNA, it's going to be difficult to get straight 7-3. Everyone wants to work straight daylight, so if anyone is allowed to, it's going to be the senior staff. Often facilities will require you to rotate two shifts.

    I'm also in the PGH area. Do you have a car? I know some of the hospitals have on site daycare, which might be more flexible.
  4. by   malima
    Thanx ChristineN, for finding time to reply. Yes I have a car,and clean record. My concern is my little one and getting a daycare that operates 3pm-12noon.If I can get that am willing so much to work 3pm-11pm.I have no problem with night shifts or the 3pm- 11pm shift.

    Or any Long term care facilities that are close to daycares that close late/24hrs.

    Am still searching and its driving me out of my mind.It's so stressful for me.
  5. by   KatyCar
    Hi Malima,

    Don't know if this will help, but I thought I would add it....

    Since I had just moved to a new city (NYC) and was taking my CNA class, I wanted to pick up some babysitting jobs to do on the side. I was nervous about going through craigslist, so I searched and found a site that may be useful to you:
    From a babysitters point of view it seemed very safe to use (better than craigslist). I paid to have a background check done on me, created a profile w/ picture for parents to view, listed times that I was available for babysitting. I have had several families contact me and I am now sitting for 2 little ones while searching for CNA jobs..... I've been very happy with it from this end.

    Not sure about the details of using it from a parents perspective, but thought I would throw it out there. There are probably many similar sites out there as well......

    good luck!! and don't give up!
  6. by   malima
    katycarthanx katycar for your response. i never knew its so hard getting a daycare that operates 24hrs.wish ltc and other facilities would consider giving people who are willing to work the 7am-3pm shift.i have no problem with 3-11pm shift or night shift. will do whatever shift is offered to me, just need a good daycare.

    thanxs again hope we get some job opportunities soon.:icon_hug:
  7. by   atla
    There is a Sunrise Senior Living in Monroeville. I would apply there. They are a large corporation, and most of their facilities are larger with many different "departments," so to speak. The local Sunrise gave me my first CNA job, 7A-3P. Since they are larger, with more employees, there are often more openings. Good luck to you!
  8. by   malima
    Thnx so much,Just checked on their website and found that they have positions for Care-givers,just wondering if that's the term they use in their facility 4 CNAs.
    I will definately go there at their facility in monroeville,thanx atla.
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  9. by   atla
    That's pretty much the term they use. Once they hire you, your nametag will say CNA, but the thing is you don't have to be a CNA to get hired for that position, but it definitely makes them consider your application more and if you are a CNA you get paid more for the same work. Most Sunrise facilities have assisted living parts, and skilled nursing parts. The skilled nursing area is more like a nursing home, whereas the assisted living part is less clinical, as in.. less transfers, less catheter care, bedpans, bedbound residents, etc. There is still incontinence & toileting, showers, dressing, etc. I work in the alzheimer's/dementia assisted living unit, and we are assigned to a group of 8 residents that we will be working with every time we work (unless we're filling in for someone.) We get to know those residents, their likes and dislikes, hobbies, history, routine, etc. Since it is less hectic than a skilled nursing unit, we often have time to just chat with the resident, or do a puzzle with them, or something similar. I thought I wanted something more clinical, but I wouldn't have it any other way right now.

    However, the coordinator on my unit said that sometimes the cnas will transfer to skilled nursing if they don't feel like it's a clinical enough environment (usually the nursing students.) So once I hit nursing school, I may do that too.
  10. by   atla
    Oh, and just to add, you do have to be a CNA to get hired for the skilled nursing part. All the "caregivers" or "care managers" that I work with in the assisted living unit are CNAs, though.
  11. by   malima
    Thanx again, U made my day,I have been so stressed. Yes I am a certified Nurse Assistant,got all my paper work with me to prove that, am qualified.

    you saved me. Thnx so much, I pray that they give me the opportunity to work there.I work as a Home Health Aide, but am not getting enough hours on my job to cater for everything.

    Just want to say thnx again from my heart, I really appreciate the fact that you found time to read my post and reply.

  12. by   sonomala
    7 to 3 is hard to get. I found that out as well. 3-11, the one with the highest demand for cnas around here, is hard if you have a family esp one with kids in school. How will you find time to see them? I suggest doing the part time thing on a graveyard shift with a highly qualified sitter. Then when a days pos opens up, you're in line Good luck!
  13. by   malima
    still driving around putting my applications ,if u r kind enough to read my thread and you know of job openings/up coming job fairs (cna related)/other suggestion that can help me out or if anyone knows of a daycare that closes at around 11:30pm.
    still post me...details
  14. by   atla
    Let us know when you find something!