Already have a BA. Is being a CNA a good plan while taking MSN prequisites?

  1. Looking for feedback on this. Thanks for your help. I am a career changer with a BA in Psychology. I am planning on taking a CNA/HHA then work as a CNA (to gain nursing experience) while I take my 5 pre-requisites that I need to apply for the MSN program (for non-nurses) at a local university. From your knowledge and experience, would you advise this? Do you think that this plan is beneficial or disadvantageous? Thanks again!
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  3. by   schnookimz
    Oh and I should mention that I already had a BA too. At least half the CNAs I worked with were in your exact position---previous degrees and waiting to get into nursing school.
  4. by   TiaOnline
    Thank you! Your post was encouraging
  5. by   BradS
    I'd love to read some more opinions if anybody else wants to chime in. I am in a similar situation - B.S in an unrelated field and I'm interested in investigating nursing, specifically ER nursing. CNA seems like a quick way to get into the field, but the experience doesn't seem relevant to my goals in particular. I'm certainly not eager to do the "dirty" parts of the job, but the experience of being around patients and learning how to interact with them/other nurses could be extremely valuable.
  6. by   umbdude
    I have a M.S. in an unrelated field and I just got my CNA cert and plan on working PT or per-diem during nursing school.