Ah, a virus buffet.

  1. My facility just got hit with the flu and a stomach virus. So the ones that aren't coughing and hacking up a lung, are sick out of both ends.

    Don't you just love flu season?

    How's everyone's immune systems holding up? Staff here are pushing "Emergen-C" and masks at the aides. Ugh. What steps has your facility taken to reduce the spread of the flu this season?

    Hope not too many of you are sick.
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  3. by   Dorali
    We went through this a few weeks ago. They said it was Norovirus, I think. Terrible! Had lots of people walking around in masks and lots of call-INS from the CNAs and nurses catching it too. Lost a couple of residents because the virus complicated their health problems. It was a very hard time.

    Anyway, we kept people in bed/in their rooms and they were fed jello and broth. We did more feeding in the rooms than in the dining room. Fed then went back for another tray. They gave out lots of Immodium and phenergren (sp?). Other than that, we just waited it out.