CNA license expires march.


hi everyone! i have a concern about my cna license. iam going to say a lil bite about myself. am taking classes current in a college. am taking 9 credit hrs this semester. last yr, i was able to work just 8hrs due to my schedule being tight; so i cann't work as much. my license expires next month being the march 2013. how can i renew it? pls feel free to tell me what y'all did when faced with this type of situation. thank y'all in advance!

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I'm having trouble understanding your post.

I would recommend you call the state and ask your question there... about your certification.

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It's not a license.


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Definitely check with the state. When mine expired, I had to retake the exam, but not the course.


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thanks! i appreciate your input. i will ve to call the state to check with them.