CNA jobs $15-18/hr ??


What CNA jobs are available where you make $15-18/hr besides at a correctional facility? I've been a CNA at a rehab private hospital for five years and want to explore new things. My interest are office work, typing, patient care, etc. I never worked in a "big" hospital or registry and located in California. I have heard about EMT's and monitor tech, etc

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If you can get hired by an acute care hospital--kaiser, Sutter, etcetera they pay $16-21+/hr

After you have 1 yr experience you can work for a temp agency that places you in a hospital. They also pay over $20/hr to CNAs.

Good luck!

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Thank you!! I've been applying to kaiser hospital since 2008, not consistently, but off and on. Now that I have 5yrs experience, hopefully I'm a more of a competitve candidate. Anyone who work at kasier, What did you do to get hired?

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I have been applying to Kaiser for months with no luck. any other jobs available where you can make this amount?

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In my state some of the hospitals (union) will pay $15/hour starting wage for CNAs, they typically want min. 1 year of acute care experience.