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Hey everyone,

Just giving an update on my new job. I have been working at my first job as a CNA for a little over a month and it has been straight. That is all I can say about the job. It is straight is all I can use to describe it. Had a lil set back but had some people encourage me and told me not to be down about it. So over all I like the pay and hours I work. I know for a fact I don't plan on staying here too long at all.2-yrs at the most, not even 3yrs. I know I can make more money than here and I know I want to do more than working at a veterans home but I do not down any one who likes it and wants to make it their career. School for my associates degree is going good. Half way through the first semester, finished term one with all A's and started term 2 on monday. If I can keep up the good work and get through these two classes I know the next 2 semesters will be just as durable.


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I am glad that the job is working out for you so well, and congrats on your studies as well. Time will go by fast and before you know it you'll be a RN


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hey are u in the rn program


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Thanks everyone. No I am not going for my RN right now. I am going for my associates in healthcare administration. It is all online so I am doing that right now. I WILL be going back for my RN tho. Soon as I put my lil baby in school I will be going back to school myself.