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CNA in-service learning hours question!

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I achieved my CNA license a little over a year ago and worked for the first two months in a local nursing home. I then went away to school and did not continue working. I am aware that you must complete 12 in-service learning hours throughout the year to be able to work in a long-term nursing facility. I was wondering what that means now that I am past my first year and only got 2 of the necessary hours. Am I able to keep my license by getting 12 hours before I start working again or do I have to retake the certification tests?

I would check with your state department of health(or whatever name your state uses for it), because it probably varies by state. I know the state I got my certification in has no such requirement. You simply need to be able to prove you worked X amount of hours as a CNA every two years when by the time your cert expires to renew it.

You mentioned school. In California, taking nursing classes count towards ceu's.

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When I first started working at the nursing home, during the nursing home, I had aquired enough hours for the requirement in my state.


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