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CNA II or Phlebotomy?

I currently have my CNA I, and work in a LTC facility. I used to want to become a nurse, but have changed my mind. Now, I just need a job to hold me over during school for my program. Which one typically pays more and has more demand? I live in NC

CNA II in NC. What are you going to school for now?

I'm going to be an ultrasound technologist, but don't know if I should do phlebotomy or CNA II in the mean time. Which makes more? And what are some things they do? I know the basics of what they do but I'm just not sure which one I would like more!

Congrats! US technology is a great field to get into.

Please discuss your options with your school counselor. We can't tell from here :)

As an oldy-moldy nurse, I can see where the phlebotomy position would pay about the same as a CNA.. with a lot less stress and better hours.

Best of luck wherever you go.. let us know how it's going.

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I was a CNA II and most of the skills taught in that class were all the skills they taught in my ADN program other than IV starts (we did not learn phlebo). I wish I had taken it b/c I do not well at drawing blood, or even IVs (we have an IV team). I worked as a HH aide and made more as a II. I have no idea about pay diffs in hosp CNAI vs CNAII vs phlebo I know the CNAII helped me in nursing school


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