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i am just wonder on CNA if you work more than 40 hrs at a nursing home are you tend to get more money (as overtime, night pay, weekend pay) so is there benfits working more than 40 hrs at full time and if so is it easy to get your hrs u need?

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I would definitely not work more than 40 hours a week if you can afford not to. You'll likely get burnt out from the stress and a lot of LTC's and nursing homes may restrict your hours because they don't have the budget to pay you overtime. If you want to be over 40 hours a week and feel like your body and mind can take it, I guess you could get two jobs as a CNA. But I sure as hell wouldn't recommend it.

so most place you know or anyone would know that CNAs are not willing to pay overtime

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I can't speak for all LTC facilities but in my experience, overtime is discouraged. For financial reasons I'd imagine, but the strains of working overtime as a CNA would not be beneficial to you, IMHO. If you burn out and quit, a facility won't be happy and neither will you.

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