CNA hourly pay rate in Sanford/Fayetteville area



I'm currently looking for a job in Sanford, Fayetteville area.

I'm trying to apply to this nursing home in Sanford, but when they asked mr my desired salary, I'm not really sure what to put.

I've went to and they said the highest was 10.96$, but I've heard more from other people before.

So I'm really lost right now.



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I would like this information also. Well, I need the Fayetteville/Raeford area. I plan on taking the CNA course this summer so I can work weekends as a CNA while I am in LPN school. I would like to know what kind of money I can hope to make. Can anyone out there help us out?

Thanks in advance



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i finally got a job at lillington.. eh.. lil far from where i live.. but oh well..

the starting pay for me was 9.50$, and 10$ for weekday cuz of .50$ shift differential.. and 11$ for weekend cuz of 1.50$ differential.

the one i tried to get in to in sanford said that they start out with 8.50.

not sure about fayetteville though..

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