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If you're a Patient Tech or CNA in a hospital setting what are some of your responsibilities?


Depends on the floor you work on, mostly. I worked on a cardiac surgery unit. I obtained/documented/reported vitals, did pre-op surgery prep (Hibiclens shower, clip body hair), toileting/emptying catheters, put patients on heart monitors, obtained 12 lead EKGs, checked blood sugars, helped patients order meals, scan for bladder content and straight cath if needed, delivered trays and assisted patients who needed help with eating, transported patients to exams, change linens and keep the room tidy, ambulation after surgery, recorded I&Os, made sure everyone got a bath or shower, occasional post-mortem care and morgue transport, helped set up patients to brush their teeth... And I know I'm leaving out a lot! Sometimes I'd get to do random little things for patients--I gave one of my patients a haircut, and painted another one's nails.

This is what I do (depending on the ward- I work PRN in different wards including ER):

- Helping pts with hygiene and toileting etc

- Vital signs

- Input and outputs

- Removing IVs and foleys prior to discharge

- ECGs

- Escorting patients to scans etc if they need an escort.

- Transporting patients to different wards from ER

- Feeding

- Turning

- Helping with surgical prep (shaving, bathing, applying ted stockngs etc)

- Helping the nurses with their admission stuff (eg vital signs and weights)

I know I am missing out a ton of stuff.Mostly the nurses do blood sugar monitoring, I very rarely do them.

Mind you, I work at a small hospital, but we do admits, discharges, vitals, I & Os, ambulation, assist PT as needed, pass hall trays, set up telemetry, take patients down to the attached clinic for appointments, baths and showers, pass ice waters, snacks, clean and tidy rooms, make beds, set up rooms after they have been deep cleaned after a discharge, take out the trash and laundry, and help in the ER as needed. The nurses do Accuchecks, anything with IVs, and remove foleys.

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