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I will be starting my CNA program and I'm also a certified MA and I'm currently working in medical aesthetics. I assist the doctor when she does injectables. So as far as patient care goes, I'm familiar with it but still different from direct patient care (bedside). I want to get my CNA before I go straight to nursing school and work at a hospital.

I just wondering if anyone here has started off as a CNA and was able to get a job at a hospital entry level?

One of the places I want to work at is city of hope here in California.


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From my personal previous experience as a CNA in Southern California, no. I wanted to work in the hospital and they require experience. Even then, it was more needed to know someone to get in. But, it might be different for you. You should try anyway and create a really awesome resume. You never know, you could get in! Best of luck to you!

Hi there!

I say go for it! So I just completed the CNA program and passed the state exam this past June. My goal was to secure a position within a hospital while I go to school. I personally feel that working at a hospital is an advantage to your future nursing career. It's harder to get in as a new nurse but it may be a bit easier as a PCT. I also feel that that you get a higher level of experience. Also, there's a higher chance they offer a bit more for tuition reimbursement compared to other facilities which is a huge plus. Totally my opinion. Anyway, I applied to a few hospitals and I did get turned down when I was trying to get in the ER. I had an acquaintance that worked there and his manager advised that a PCT in the ER has more responsibilities so they prefer experience or an EMT. Apparently, you get to assist with foleys, splints, EKGs, drawing blood, etc. I was pretty bummed but continued to apply for another ER position at another (bigger) hospital and I got it! Orientation starts next week! I am a very persistent person and although the chances may be low or a job posting says they require a certain amount of experience, I usually ignore it. They really look at your personality and dedication to team work. Just emphasize on that and be personable. Another friend of mine who obtained her license the same time I did, secured a position on the med/surg unit within a hospital. It's definitely attainable. Best of luck! You got this!! :)

Thanks for the input and encouragement!

Thank you for sharing that beeunkers68! I really hope I get a job at city of hope. I was also thinking of volunteering there before applying. Maybe my chances will be good if i do that too. Have you done that? I'm excited for you and good luck with everything!!!

Thank you so much! I appreciate it! That's actually a great idea; volunteering. I did not even think of that. Or you can start off as a Transporter and work your way up - no requirements that I know of, maybe just your CPR certification. Unit Secretary is an option too. Anything to get your foot in the door. Another thing that may help is going to a school job fair. I'm not sure if your school offers that but that's the perfect way to put a face on a resume. Try searching for job fairs in your city too. A lot of the times, they'll have recruiters out there ready to interview or schedule the interview. The school job fair is actually how my friend got her position with the hospital she's at now. She actually got 2 offers, the other was from a rehab facility. This may be old fashioned advice but it may help - walk into the hospital with your resume handy, looking professional, introduce yourself and see if they're hiring. It's daunting, but it just might work. I also recommend a Cover Letter anytime you're applying online. A resume only tells so much but with a Cover Letter, you can be more open and personable. It also shows that you're going above in beyond because a lot of people don't do that nowadays nor do they do thank you letters after an interview -.-

Yeah! Right now they have positions open for Patient Care Assistant /CNA and surprisingly, it does not say that they require experience. They just require the BLS and CNA license. So that's why I have high hopes for it. But one of my school counselors told me that you cant get a job at a hospital unless you have experience or know someone. I'm like you, I'm persistent and I try not to listen to he said she said thing. I would like to find out for myself. I have to look into those job fairs you are talking about. Thank you so much again for that.

Anytime! :) All it takes is grit. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. :up: Stay positive and never lose hope.

Hospitals hire new CNAs, just highlight your skills instead of your lack of experience. Is it necessary to become certified as a nursing assistant when you’re already an MA, you’re over-qualified and you can do a CNAs job. Ask HR.

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