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I am from Florida and got fingerprinted almost 2 wks. ago. Does ANYONE know if I stand a chance of the State approving me to become a c.n.a., with a felony that's 12yrs old. I should hear something from the State any day now. I'm sure I'll have to write a letter to them. But I've asked around on facebook, other discussion sites, and my friends, and it seems as if I am the only one in the world that wants to be a c.n.a , that happens to have a 12yr old record. Surely, there's somebody out there that has a similar problem or knows someone who does... Please help. I'm going insane!!!!:confused:

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I know of a girl at my job who has a prior felony, and was able to take a CNA class. It took her a really long time to get certified though..I guess maybe because of her prior criminal history.

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Thanks for your reply. I guess that does give me "some" glimmer of hope. I've heard 1/2 positive responses and 1/2 negative. Like I said, I took cna class at my local community college and passed with an A. Now I had to beg my local hospital, to allow me to do my "clinicals" in their facility, because of my record. But my local nursing home, did not hesitate one bit. So, if this does work out, I guess I'll be working in a nursing home.. Do you by chance know approx. "how long" it took her to get certified? I mean did she have to write the State a letter of explanation? :o

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It took her almost a year for her CNA # to appear on the board of nursing website...I think the reason it took so long might have been with the program she went to( they have a TERRIBLE reputation), and also the fact that our state board of nursing is ridiculously slow. I don't think she's had issues finding jobs though. Anyways, just remember to always be honest when applying for a job regarding your past criminal history. Lying can have very serious repercussions. Good luck :)

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I gotta say, that is the most positive thing, anyone has said to me. Thank you for the good wishes. And yes, I have always been VERY honest about it, since it happened. Because you're right, lying on ANY application about a felony, will only make things worse. Besides, the whole "situation" is totally ridiculous. I was made an "example" out of. I have no prior records. Haven't even got so much as a speeding ticket. But anyway, Thank you soo much. I hope to hear a yes, no, or a request for my story, this coming week. Again, thanks for the good wishes....means a lot!!!!:)


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Depends on the state.

Some states do not give you a hard issue with certification, some do. Depends what the felony is.

But... and this is where the challenges begin... some states require an FBI RAP sheet with fingerprints that each employer will get to see before hiring you. If you live in one of these states, your employer may just decide to hire someone without any convictions if they have a lot of applicants. Hospitals in particular are like this, along with some nursing homes. Bad thing is that there is no statute of limitations for reporting these and, in some states, shows up even if expunged.

It is possible though. Just a lot more hoops. A lot also depends on how you present yourself and what each state wants.

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