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i completed my cna course in dec of 09 i have been busy i started college right after i took my cna course and i have not taken my cna exam : ( I am currently working in a daycare and can't STAND it anymore..i am wondering if i have waited too long to take my cna exam??:crying2: I hope not because we spent so much money on my class..i am really regretting not taking my exam sooner?

Let me know if you will take the exam- I know a terrific Youtube video on skills AND it is true- when you take the skills test- go by the book (procedures) And posts written tests. And an affordable cna test coach is found at AND check out more state study guides at >look it over carefully there is a test to print up. AND nursing assistant curriculum and powerpoints for review at (try your state) Lastly, *Go for it!

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Study up and give it a shot. When I took my test, they said if we failed we got our money back and had 3 chances to pass.

My only worry for you is that my CNA instructor gave us a packet of something to give to the people at the testing site. We were NOT allowed to open it. Don't know what it was, but I had to have it in order to test. Did you get anything like that? You might try calling your school to see what they have to say. I'm sure they can help you get started.

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