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CNA Exam


I read on another thread that nursing students can sit for the CNA board upon completion of the first semester of Nursing school. I just signed up for a school that cost close to $1000.00. If I do not need to take the class in order to sit for the board, that woud be great. If anyone has any information, please share. Thanks


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I also investigated this, in new jersey a nursing student can sit for cna but not in new york as far as I can tell, I too want to take a cna course over the summer, but don't have the $1000

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I'm attending VEEB (LPN) school in Nassau County and we are allowed to sit for the CNA exam after first semester. Check with your school so you don't waste your money.

I am currently taking LPN classes in upstate ny and we are also allowed to sit for the cna exam after we finish the geriatric rotation

Well sweetheart you maybe better off saving that extra buck for your tuition, since you are either in the nursing program or beginning next semester, because personally I am in the nursing program and is preparing for the CNA exam and did not have to take the classes. I am from Brooklyn, New York. Good Luck.

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