CNA or ER Tech?

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I currently have my CNA and am pre-nursing at CSN. I worked as a CNA in the ED in Kentucky for 3 years, but I have heard here they don't use CNAs and that you have to be an ER tech? Is that true or are there places you can do it?

I want to eventually work in the emergency room as an RN, so I'm trying to get my foot in the door here. Thanks for any info!

Some Las Vegas area emergency departments utilize CNAs as sitters for patients being held involuntarily. In Nevada, the process of holding patients involuntarily is known as "Legal 2000" or "L2K." Because of limited mental health beds for uninsured L2K patients, emergency departments often board these patients for days.

Thank you! Not interested in sitting, although I have done my fair share of that. I want to actually work on the floor and I'm just wondering the best way to go about that. If here CNAs cannot work the floor, who acts as their assistants, ER techs?

Yes, sitting is not something most people would enjoy. The ED I worked in had techs helping nurses. The Valley Health System has about 2,000 beds and I see them posting vacancies for ED techs frequently. If I'm remembering correctly, the Sunrise hospitals look for EMTs or paramedics. I can't recall the last time I saw assistive personnel ED vacancies posted for the St. Rose hospitals, UMC, North Vista or the VA hospital.

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Hello! I work for the Valley Health system! Check them out there are plenty of ER Tech positions. CNA is not a requirement for employment in the ER as an ER Tech but EKG/ECG certification is required. So I would definitely suggest getting that done first before you apply! Good luck!

Thank you so much! I will work on that. Could you tell me if your techs can do phlebotomy?

I work at Sunrise. Phlebotomy, CNA, and EKG techs are all different positions. Same starting pay about $17.50 with no experience and $23 per diem.

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Thank you so much! I will work on that. Could you tell me if your techs can do phlebotomy?

Sorry I just now saw this! The requirement for ER Tech is EKG certification. The preferred requirements are Phlebotomist and IV Start certifications. They overall prefer EMT but you would have just a high as much chance if you get the IV Start Certification and the Phlebotomy certification too.

...The requirement for ER Tech is EKG certification. ...
CSN offers a four session Basic EKG class once a month. Its a start, and might be helpful for getting a monitor tech position.

Basic EKG Class

St. Rose Siena has posted three ED tech positions. They are asking for one year of EMT experience.

Minimum one (1) year experience with either EMS provider or Fire Services.

High school diploma or equivalent experience required.

Completion of EMT requirements.

Crisis intervention or equivalent with 6 months of hire.

Computer skills.

CT EMT = Active EMT certificate required.

CT CPRBLS - Basic Life Support – AHA

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