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Anybody know where I can become a CNA in Dallas? I know I should call the hospitals and nursing homes but I was wondering if anyone had any specific locations where I could start right away with training and a job.

Any help would be appreciated...thanks all.


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Try El Centro College... downtown.... I think Cedar Valley offers the CNA too

Nurse Aide Certification Training*

This course is designed to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential for the provision of basic care as nurse aides for residents in long-term care facilities. Course competencies are those established by the Texas Department of Human Services and will qualify completers, after successfully passing the State Skills and Written Exam, to qualify for official Nurse Aide Certification and placement on the Texas Certified Nurse Aide Registry. Drug screening and a criminal background check are required. In addition to the course fee, students must pay a small fee for , purchase supplies, and have $69.75 for the state testing fee.*

Contact Gretchen Riehl at 214.860.2236 for more information.


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