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CNA Course at HFCC


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has anyone taken the cna (nursing skills) course at hfcc. i've been looking for jobs at a hospital to get experience but all require a cna liscense or 1 year expereince in a hospital setting (which i don't have).also did it help you prepare for nursing school.



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I registered for the CNA class at HFCC, but decided to take it through American Red Cross. It cost 850 dollars, and its 3 weeks long compared to 11 weeks. It was a wonderful program. It's M-F: 9-3:30, and you have a week of clinical at a nursing home from 8-2:30, the last week. I did my clinical training at Heartland Health Care in Allen Park.

I just took my CENA test and have passed, and got offered 2 jobs that I applied for.

You just got to register early because classes fill up. I took it at the Palms building in Detroit, but they're offered also in Bloomfield, Warren, and Riverview. You have to register at the American Red Cross building on 100 Mack Ave in Detroit by Wayne State University.

Here is the schedule of available classes in June:

June 16-July 7 @ Riverview Service Center

June 16-July 7@ Palms Building- Detroit

Here is the website to view the description:


If you have any other questions feel free to ask me. :)

Does the Red Cross have this course every month and if so at each location or does it rotate? If for example I wanted to check out the schedule for July/August for one of the sites am I able to do that? I tried going onto the site and could only find June's schedule. Also, is there any Nursing assitant, tech, aide, CSP, like job that one could get with little or no experience? Thanks for your help.


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Those are the two available classes on my sheet that show just till July 7th. You will have to call the American Red Cross and ask them to transfer you to the Nurse Assistant program, and they can also email you the schedule of classes. I know they offer them in July and August, just not the dates. And they offer them M-F at either 9-3:30 or at 6-10 (i think those are the times not sure), but the night classes are a little longer than 3 weeks.

I know nursing homes will hire you without experience as long as you are Certified, and they will reimburse you some of your money after 6 months or whatever their policy is. And hospitals do hire you if you are a certified nurse assistant/have completed a nurse assistant training program without experience, but some prefer 6 months of experience. I am trying to get hired into a hospital such as Huron Valley Hospital and Providence of Novi.

It's a very good program and I recommend it. And you basically sit in the class for the first couple of days, and after that you do everything else in the lab (so hands on ALOT) and learn that before you go to the nursing home. My class had about 12 people in it, so you get a lot of help from the teacher.

Thank you very much. That is why I like this site, it's such a big help, I really appreciate it.:specs:

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