CNA Class in IL but test in FL


HI everyone!

I am originally from FL. I moved to IL about a year ago and decided to go to nursing school in IL. I am currently in a 5 week CNA class, but the problem is I will miss the cutoff date to take the state exam in IL. I was planning on going back to FL over the holidays for 2 months after finishing up the 5 week program. I will not be able to take the IL state CNA exam until January. I am not too worried I forget the information by then but it would be nice to get certified after finishing the class. Would it be possible to "challenge" the FL exam and then apply for reciprocity to IL. I was planning on taking a phlebotomy class while in FL but I need to have a certification to do so.

I have my B.S. in health science and will be eventually going to nursing school. I want to begin working in the field asap!


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What do you mean you will miss the cutoff date?


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The state exam is only offered two times a month. I will still be in class when the first exam is offered and in Fl when the 2nd one is offered.


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It sounds like you are making a lot of extra work for yourself. I would just wait until January to take the CNA exam in IL.