CMS Visit: "Your in my way - My patient is more important than this petty bull"

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soooooo....what happened? did they back off? What did your manager say about it?



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The state health department and CMS was on my unit for their dumb survey (Quality of Care, Regulations, Blah Blah Blah). This shift was total BEDLAM! My patients were in serious condition and my one guy was going downhill really fast.

The State/CMS didn't seem to get the hint. They were pestering me about regulatory information (was asked about infection control, hand washing, Life/Fire safety, etc) THREE different times.

I was so busy running between the different room that even Helen Keller would have known I was busy. That still didnt stop the State/CMS from another round of questioning. I cut them off - I took a stand!

"You need to move, you are in my way. I am extremely busy with 3 very complex intermediate patients all going to **** right now. You are wasting my time. My patients need me more than anyone else right now. This is LIFE and Death and you of all agencies should be aware of how CRITICAL a lack of a nurse is with patient outcomes. Again Please leave me alone and talk to an upper level non-bedside nurse if you want to hear what you want to hear."

That Felt Good.....

My manager was initially angry but she realized that asking a busy bedside RN the same regulatory/HIPAA/JCAHO crap will not make my patients get better......pull a nurse away from the bedside and see how long the patient lives.


Isn't that what the snooty suits-and-heels set is there for? After all, THEY are the ones setting the standards.