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CMS Pneumonia indicators

Hi everyone,

I'm an Outcomes Nurse Manager for Pneumonia at a hospital. I'd like to talk to others who are doing the CMS Performance Indicators with Premier.



We are participating in the HQI/ CMS indicators for

Pneumonia and MI..... I can give you the emergency department perspective....

Hi ER,

We are doing PN, AMI, CHF, and hip and knee. I do the Pneumonia. I work very closely with the ER dept. As you know, everything starts there! In Nov. our ER were 100% with the blood cultures before ABX and doing ABX in 4 hrs. I just started this position in August and we were at rock bottom. I'm interested in learning how other hospitals are handling the issues around the CMS performance measures... successes, failures, trials, tribulations, you know? Thanks for answering my post. It's nice to meet you! (I'm new to this so I'm not real sure how to do things on this site yet)

WOW 100% is great! Our ED is so busy, it's hard to get 100% but we have moved to the 2nd decile in October. We see approx 100,000 patients a year. Our hospital also participates in all the indicators. Our numbers improved by developing standing orders and protocols in triage for suspected pneumonia as well as flag the patients in our computer system. What did your hospital do to improve so much? I am the clinical educator and work closely with the PI nurse in our department to brainstorm and come up with ideas.

I am new here as well, nice meeting you too!

I do the Pneumonia CMS/JCAHO indicators. Our ED is WAY too busy to be 100% With ABX in 4 hours, but we are working on have advanced practice nurses and PA's in triage to start abx as needed. We need to remodel tho.. We do very well in all the other areas. 90% in vaccinations. etc.


need help..

uhm who knows the ideal diagnostics test done(their results and interpretation) about pneumonia particularly bronchopneumonia..a viral pneumonia..


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