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CMA, MT, or Phlebotomist???

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Hi! I am having this huge dilemma! My ultimate goal is RN-BSN —but I don't want to be in my current occupation anymore (retail and waitressing) I want a job(s) in the healthcare field before becoming a RN.

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CNA will give you the best experience before and during RN training.

MA degrees usually take 2 years to complete, which is a long time. Phlebotomy degrees also take a long time. Becoming a CNA is your best bet, because you can complete your training in a short time, and you also get more hands on work. The only thing I have to say about being a CNA, is that it's very tiring working in a nursing home. Go get a hospital job as quickly as you can

CNA will teach you basic patient care. Be prepared for bed baths, assisting patients with basic functions such as toileting and eating.

Phlebotomy will teach you venipuncture, and depending on your setting will give you patient interaction and could allow you to see different units in a hospital (inpatient phlebotomy), or limit your interaction to an outpatient lab where patients come to you.

If by MT you mean medical technologist, that is a whole different path. Scientific testing, you'll make a little less than a nurse but more than phlebotomy or CNA. Definitely a different pathway. Do you want to work in a laboratory processing samples, calling nurses and doctors with test results, and calibrating/maintaining testing machines?