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Hi, does anyone here have cluster units where they work? At my workplace these are 4 bed areas-----sometimes 1 room with 4 curtains, sometimes 2 2bed rooms. These patients acuity wise are inbetween an ICU and a telmetry floor, similar to acute stepdown. For example our medical cluster can run IV NTG up to 50 mics, Amniodarone boluses. Surgical clusters can still have arterial lines still in. Does anyone know any state regs regulating use of these type of units or staffing regs???? Now of course the telemtry floors are generally staffed 4-5 pt/RN also with possibly 1 more pt at night. --so 5 or 6 pt/RN. A cluster is staffed 4pt/1RN with a housedoc to cover them.

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Sounds like our neuro intermediate unit. Don't know about the state regulations. But they are 4:1 nursing. The unit has 8 beds. Two RNs and one tech on day shift, the tech also helps with secretarial duties as well as pt care. They do cardizem and labetalol gts, but that's about it. CVPs are allowed, but not a-lines. If a patient needs too much care, like a drip or lumber drain it's 3:1 nursing.

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