i have no clue why i'm doubting myself :(


Okay i took a year and a half off from college to help and support myself after high school and buy and finish paying off my car now im going back this spring semster. I'm going to a community college. i want to become a nurse. im not sure route im going to take yet. either transfer straight for the bsn or the rn-bsn. i work full time.. im not part of a weathly family. i stay with a single mom, my sister and brother. its hard for us sometimes..

i want to be the first one in my family to have a actual career. i have big dreams.

something thats stoping me to become a nurse is my grades.. im kinda doubting myself.

in my mind i keep thinking am i smart enough to become a nurse?

its literally taking over my thoughts..

i see all these people that seem smart.. showing there high GPA and A's and B's..

it makes me sad. in high school i was a B and C average.. i know if i try hard enough i will probably get better grades.. but i doubt i can working full time at the moment. i need to support myself with gas to get back and forth to work.

am i the only one that feels like this?

at times i wish i didnt have to work full time and i could just stay in a dorm for i can be fully dediated to my grades.. what options can i do? are options to get a scholarship that can support me for living for a CC or no?

what to do? is grades only a problem for me and working full time?

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Apply for financial aid, scholarships and work study programs. Talk with someone in the financial aid office who is well versed in this. Don't get discouraged before you even start! Best of luck, ~Ivanna

As Ivanna Nurse said, don't doubt yourself before you even begin! I am not from a wealthy family, was also a B/C student in HS and am starting my second semester of NS in 2 weeks! Before I had kids I had to pay my way through school. I worked full time and went to school full time. I can be done. It's hard, but doable!

you need to do what is best for you. you've asked many questions. what answers do you come up with when you ask yourself these questions? i agree with ivanna_nurse. speak with financial aid at your school and figure out some work study plan. talk to your advisors/counselors at your school. don't give up before you even start if nursing is what you want. good luck.


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You sound *just* like me! I was the same in high school, C's and B', but now I'm all A's. It's a lot different when you want to go to school rather than you have to go to school, like high school was. As for working: There are grants, financial aid, and scholarships out there. The financial aid office will help you with those. I lost my full time job and just became reemployed but only working 24 hours a week! I got enough money in aid to where I'll be ok. But I know that stress all too well. You'll be ok. I have many friends that are working full-time and going to school full-time and they are doing just fine. Good luck!