Closer to apply and getting nervous


I have one more science to complete before I apply to the bridge program but now that it's closer I am getting very afraid. I'm doubting myself. I haven't worked as an lvn in about 8 months and I've never worked in a hospital so I'm afraid that I will not do well. I want to be a nurse and idk if I'm afraid just to climb up the success ladder but I'm kind of doubting myself because it took me so long to pass my nclex and I never really worked like a real LVN job. I only worked home Health. I just have ALL these thoughts and doubts and I'm trying to think positive because in 4 more months I will be applying and beginning my success story but I'm extremely afraid. I want to be a good nurse and do well bt this doubt has me wanting to crawl under a rock and hide.


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Whether or not you succeed is up to you. Is there a particular reason you have been unemployed for 8 months? It seems like you really haven't taken initiative to seek out opportunities regarding employment. You have to go out and make things happen, not just sit and hope things will fall into place.

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Keep your head up! You may be doubting yourself but if you made it through lvn school, and have finished all the prerequisites you have more knowlege up there than you think. Work hard to review all of yor nursing skills, make sure you understand the lpn stuff, and let the program teach you the rest. Study hard, work hard and this time when you graduate and pass nclex get a position that uses all of those skills.


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I was extremely nervous taking the bridge course. I never got a job an a LPN although I had applied just about everywhere. I passed the online course with no problem but when I had to do the skills I had failed the med calculation test which meant that I had failed the bridge program. I was lucky enough that my school let me start my nursing courses from the beginning instead of just kicking me out. Brush up on your skills (visit the schools skills lab if possible )and know your calculations. Don't get stressed and I'm sure you will do fine.


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I, too, just enrolled last night at Inver Hills to get RN. I'm an LPN and I'm from Indiana originally. I was actually done with pre-reqs and in the bridge program there. Now i have several pre-reqs to do. I'm 55 and don't want to spend 3 years achieving this degree.


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I had problems with nursing math, too. You're not the only one.