Clinicals in Infectious Disease Unit?


I am in my 4th semester at an ADN program and so far I have been to OB, Med-Surg, and Oncology....however I have not really had any patients yet that I had to take anything other than standard precautions with. I know this is obviously part of nursing but I am really nervous since I am so inexperienced and still a student. I am sure there will be plenty of patients on airborne or droplet precautions...I hear the floor mostly consists of patients with AIDS, TB, etc. Is it common for students to be sent to an area such as this? and am I overreacting? I am worried to death about getting back in the car after clinical and taking all these germs back home....or sticking myself with an HIV infected needle, or really anything bad that could happen. I guess nursing school has made me somewhat germophobic and they make sure we know in class how easily spread all this stuff is And please I have read plenty of posts on here of students like myself being bashed for asking questions like this but try and remember what it's like to be a student and not having been in this position before....


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Well, all I can say is don't feel like the lone ranger. I'm a student too, and just as scared. We shall succeed and not run in fear! :lol2:

I was previously on an ID floor. We were not permitted into TB rooms. Otherwise, it's pretty likely there are instructions on the door. Gown, mask, wash hands, glove. For me the hardest part was the mask, I couldn't get the hang of breathing through it and it was very uncomfortable. Otherwise, I didn't think it was really that big of a deal, and I didn't worry that I was taking pathogens home to my kids or anything like that. It will force you to consolidate your care, because you can't just gel in and pop your head in the room anymore, you know?

As far as needle sticks, this is a concern with any patient on any floor anywhere. You have to be careful and do it correctly.

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you will be fine... just use proper precautions... there were probably people with AIDS on the med surg and onc floors too..

ive gotten to master the art of PPE, i swear my clinical instructor gives me a MRSA, C. Diff, or some kind of horribly infectious respiratory patient every week.