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I am currently a student of Excelsior college, Im sure most of you have heard of it, it is a college online and it advertises that you can get your rn by studying, taking and passing a series of tests and then taking the neclex exam in the state where you live. I have taken and passed two tests. My dilema is getting my clinicals, you see by attending this college you have to get your clinicals on your own. This has been a very difficult task for me as Im sure you can imagine! I am currently working as a nursing assistant in a hospital where I live, so I have been able to get some of my clinicals through my job, but there is still much more that I need to fulfill. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I need to know if there are any programs out there that teach clinicals only. So far I have not heard of any.

I've never heard of anyone being able to arrange only clinicals in a generic nursing program. If you already have your license, it's usually much easier to get someone to monitor a clinical course that you need. All the more reason that someone trying to get a Regents degree already have a solid nursing background.

I would say it would depend on your relationship with your current hospital. Sometimes people can write up an agreement that if allowed to be precepted under someone and complete clinicals at that site you would agree to work there for a period of time. You would also have to be able to be covered under student malpractice. If Excelsior doesn't cover you under the school you may have to buy it independantly. I don't think the hospital would cover you . But you can always ask. Normally nursing schools have specific instructors which allow coverage under malpractice.

In the military these issues apply as well when we try to implement preceptorships. Active military members are automatically covered except for when working outside their cridentials. Similar to you working as a CNA and doing RN clinicals without a nursing license as a student. It does get easier once you have a nursing license.

If your hospital has nursing students from another school it should be easier to get a contract. If you need a preceptor your preceptor will be responsible and you will fall under their license. Maybe check with someone who is an rN and a friend or see if your school will allow you to set up multiple preceptors. This makes it easier since it is harder to get one nurse to preceptor the whole time.

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