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Clinicals in a border state ?


Hi everyone,

I am applying to FNP schools but I am looking ahead at clinicals and child are etc.

We live on the MS, AL, TN line, technically TN- but our children will go to school in MS- and I would ideally do clinical there or in Alabama. My RN license is TN- of course compact w MS- (note AL would need an endorsement as a RN). I'm just not sure how this works- if I could be approved for clinical in a compact state.

"My baby" is starting kinder and I have to decide which school. :)


I went to NP school in MD and did clinicals in VA as well as MD. Both are compact states, so as long as you can work as an RN in those states, you can do NP clinicals in both of them. I also was able to do a clinical at the Veterans Administration facility in DC. Although DC is not a compact state, the Veterans Administration has some type of federal exemption . . . . I was not able to do other clinicals in DC since it is not a compact state.

Hope that helps.

It helps so much!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

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Now I am concerned, I live and attend grad school in NY but work and have clinicals in PA. Is this an issue? I had no clue that there could be a problem with clinicals and I don't know if NY and PA are compact states. I know I need to have a separate license for both states. Does anyone know?

Here is my understanding. If you work in Pennsylvania, I assume that means that you have an RN license in Pennsylvania. If that's the case, then you are fine doing NP Clinicals in Pennsylvania. The point is that you need an RN license in order to do NP clinicals in a state, unless the compact applies. By the way, neither Pennsylvania or New York are compact states.