Workload Measurement

  1. Hello all....

    Big debate within our APN group. A few of us (1 NP and 2 CNS out of 14 APNs) have to fill out a workload measurement tool, and the rest of us do not. Two use a paper form and one an online program that was developed for Social Workers. I have a few questions for this group to comment on:

    1. Do you use a workload measurement tool?
    2. Which one?
    3. Does it accurately reflect the work that a CNS does?

    Any comments/feedback related to workload measurement is greatly appreciated.


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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Okay, am unsure of exactly what you mean. I care for chronic dialysis patients at two geographically separated units with a total of 200 patients. I must see these 200 patients three times per month (at a minimum). I also take care of any other needs they have (infection, referrals, pain management,etc).

    I bill at 85% of the MD rate, so for my billing purposes, I have to keep a paper log of who I see and when I see them. Since I do two different kinds of visits, called a long or short visit, I track this too.

    This is then turned in at the end of the month and then my visits are billed.
  4. by   RNAnnjeh
    Thanks Trauma.

    In Canada, CNS' do not bill for service. The staff RNs use a workload measurement tool (e.g. GRASP) that shows where they spent their direct patient care hours. My group of CNS' do not currently do that, as we do not have a tool that accurately reflects the different types of work we do (consultations, time spent with families, research, teaching, etc).

    I thought I'd throw this question out to see what others do (or don't).

    Thanks again for your feedback.