Will be taking CNS exam next week - any tips?

  1. hello! is anyone can share me how is the exam for CNS becoz after a week by now i am going to tae this exam please share me.thnx
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi and welcome to AN. I moved your post to its own thread.

    What CNS exam are you taking? That will help other posters to answer appropriately.

    Best wishes.
  4. by   frashamarim
    its Clinical nurse specialist exam sir...if you have any idea im glad if you can share it to me☺️
  5. by   traumaRUs
    There are several exams. Could you be more specific?

    Are you in the United States?
  6. by   rnresearcher
    Sorry, I do not have any tips at this time. I am also planning to sit for CNS exam in few months. How was your exam? What materials did you use to study? Any piece of advice for preparation?

    Thank you.
  7. by   rnresearcher
    It will be adult health CNS. And, yes in the U.S.

    What materials will be helpful to prepare for this exam? Unlike for NP, I don't see very much study guides for CNS on the web. Any piece of advice for those of us preparing for this exam?

    Thank you.
  8. by   Ahhphoey
    I took the adult-gero CNS exam offered by AACN and it actually came with a free online review course when you registered to take the exam. To supplement that, though, I some CCRN and PCCN study guides just to cement some of the clinical items (some of which were of on the exam!) and utilized the test blueprint to guide me in studying specifics around my own areas of weakness. I took the exam in October 2014 and was successful using these resources.
  9. by   Madriver
    Unfortunately the ANA no longer is offering anything but test taking skills for the CNS exam. They offer preps for NPs, but we our the step children. Mometrix has Adult-gerontology CNS exam flash cards that are pretty good.
  10. by   traumaRUs
    I had a lot of frustration when taking the Adult CNS exam in 2006 too - no study materials, just a llloooonnnngggg list of books I was supposed to read - ugh.

    So, when I did the Peds CNS test in 2011 I thought surely they had some study materials by then? Nope, nothing except Mometrix. I bought the book and flash cards. Didn't look at the flashcards at all, scanned the book, passed.

    Now, I'm in an FNP program (I'm a glutton for punishment) and voila! There are study materials in every subject, topic, etc.

    Very frustrating about the CNS exams...
  11. by   BPnursie

    I am very curious why you are in a FNP program. Are you finding the CNS role getting squeezed out or are you looking to change practice settings? I would also like to know what state you reside and practice in.
    I am in my last year of Adult/Gero CNS program but also interviewed for the FNP program. I am struggling a little bit with finding where I will fit in after graduation.
    Thanks in advance!
  12. by   traumaRUs
    BPNursie - I'll be honest, I've never been a "true" CNS like change agent, educator, etc., have always been in an APRN with full prescriptive authority for almost 9 years now.

    However, the adult health CNS exam retires in Dec 2015 and so does the Peds CNS exam. As I do not currently see children I do not have the 1000 hrs practice time so I must retest for the Peds CNS BEFORE Dec 2015. And...then the problem will resurface in another 5 years.

    I am fed up with ANCC "retiring" all these population-based exams which per the Consensus Model was NOT supposed to happen.

    So...I'm in the FNP program and totally done with the CNS certifications. I so wish I had done FNP way in the beginning - would have been much easier for the role that I wanted. However, the hospital-affiliated college of nursing didn't start an FNP program until 2012 after I had already finished both CNS post-MSNs.

    I would advise you to definitely have a plan as to what kind of job you want for when you graduate.

    I practice in Illinois.
  13. by   hellokath
    I took the AGCNS ANCC exam a few weeks ago and passed! It was a "miracle" for me because I didn't know what to expect and there were a few resources. Actually, one (and only resource I could say) that I found helpful was the mometrix reviewer. There was a study group in FB that I also found helpful.
  14. by   L0912
    I recently took the Adult-Gerontology CNS ANCC exam I April 2017 an passed. Because there were limited study information, I decided to type this post.The resources that I used to study are as follows:
    1. Answer all the blueprint questions listed on the ANCC site for parts II-III( using Hamric, Bastabler, NACNS -Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice Book and your research book).*make flash cards *
    2. Studied Marie Leik AG Primary Care Nurse Practitioner review book (Read X2) & I took her webinar review course 2 weeks before I took the exam.
    3. Exam Edge online test questions 5 bundle pack
    4. Studied the blue print questions 3-4 days weekly and the clinical portion (Marie Leik) 2-3 days wkly for 2 months.
    5. I believe in vitamins, SO I stepped game up.
    6. Relaxation Days 2 most weeks.
    7 This was my second attempt, the first time I did not use any of these resources.