Narcan effects

  1. Can anyone tell me if they have any experience with an alcoholic having a withdrawal after having narcan administered? He was unconscious from drinking too much- the paramedics thought that he was overdosed and gave him narcan and he had violent reaction fought with paramedics. . police charged him with assault. . . violence is a reaction of narcan-- does anyone know if the same side effects could happen to a person addicted to alcohol instead of narcotics?
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    I would have to venture that he had something on board besides just ETOH. If her responded to the narcan.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Narcan does not reverse the effects of ETOH, only narcotics. So...I would also have to hazard a guess that he had something else on board. As to the assault charges....I have no pity for him. In IL - it is a felony to touch a healthcare worker.

    I also do want to add that All Nurses can not provide legal or medical advice as I notice this is your first post and your user name is narcan misspelled.
  5. by   nacran
    Actually it is narcan spelled backwards. . .they said to use something you would remember. I would agree that you should have no pity on him- except for the fact that there is a possibility that his reaction was caused by what was injected into him by the paramedics- there were no narcotics found in his system. . . just wanted to get other experiences. . .. the research on this issue is scarce.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Okay - I was able to find the following general guidelines for narcan use and side effects:

    It also lowers the seizure threshold so if you have a pt with a sz disorder, strong caution is advised.
  7. by   ERNP
    Also remember, in most places a drug screen is just that a screen. Doesn't mean there wasn't something else in the system. Drug screen routinely only test for a limited number of variables. Again, making it possible that something other than alcohol was on board.