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  1. Hello All,

    I am another BSN student interested in the CNS field. I am understanding more the different roles, what interests me most is the educational aspect, but I am gaining more interest in research. I am graduating in May, & want to enter into a program next winter part-time. There are no work requirements for the programs, but I figure by the time I actually obtain my masters I would have 4-5 years of experience. If anyone could share their experiences within the programs, roles, & job market, that would be more than helpful. What route would you recommend a new grad to take?

    On a different note, I understand the CNS varies from state to state, but why is there such limited information on this forum for the CNS as opposed to the NP section? In the hospitals in my area, a vast majority of those w/ masters have it in CNS. (Just curious)

    Thanks in advance :spin:
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi and welcome...the CNS role is varied. Much depends on what your state allows and how your facility uses CNS. I'm an adult health CNS in school completing the peds CNS.

    I only did the CNS because it was available for free at the college of nursing which was affiliated with the hospital where I worked.

    I am in the advanced practice role. I do no formal education, I'm not a change agent, none of those spheres of influence. I work for a large nephrology practice and work with 3 FNPs, a PA and me - we all do the same job.

    What I do however, is predicated on my state's nurse practice act and in IL, CNS is an APN. However, that is not true in all states. I am also on my state's advanced practice nursing board to ensure that CNS stays an APN - lol.

    As to why there aren't a lot of CNS's here vs NPs on their forum - I think because there are fewer CNS programs. Plus, a lot of CNS's do not consider themselves APNs because their role is in staff development, education, or something else.