How much money do clinical nurse specialists make?

  1. I haven't finished high school yet (I'm in my final year) but I know that I want to be a nurse when I finish school. My plan is to get a Bachelor of Nursing, and just work as a registered nurse for a few years. If I want more of a challenge and if I think I can do it, then I would love to get a masters degree in nursing to specialise in the area of nursing that I am most interested in, and become a clinical nurse specialist. How much do clinical nurse specialists earn? Is it significantly more that a registered nurse? Is the pay good? Obviously I know that nursing is not the kind of profession you do for the money (if I were only interested in making lots of money, I wouldn't choose to become a nurse in the first place!) But salary is still an important consideration, and above all I'm just curious. Thanks xx
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    Hi there - I'm a CNS and make a very adequate salary. However, that said, I urge people to really examine what they want to do with their nursing career. Our career field changes and if I had to do it over, I would have opted for the NP education at the masters level.

    Wait till you get into school and start clinicals - hopefully you will then start to decide what area and what career trajectory you want to take.

    Best wishes.