Completing CNS-Med-Surg spring 2007

  1. 2/5/07
    Hi Everyone!
    This is the first time that I post on the web site but I have really enjoyed reading everyones comments they are really encouraging. I have a question and I hope that someone can help. I'm currently enrolled in a CNS-Med/Surg focus program with eligibility for presciptive authority. I will graduate Spring 2007. I'm really excited to finish school and start in the new role but the obstacle is that even though I have some Med/Surg experience my national certification and love is OB. I'm concerned that I may not be able to work in the area that I enjoy since the CNS focus is in Med/Surg. I have contacted the state BNE but have not rec'd a response. I'm thinking that I may need to go back and do a post graduate program. I'm really frustrated and concerned. Can anyone please advice?
    CNS student
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, CNSstudent and welcome to

    If you truly love and desire OB/GYN, you will need to do a post-grad certificate in this. I started out OB-GYN NP and added FNP later. That's the beauty of this career, you have many choices for advanced practice sub-specialties as CNS and NP.

    Good luck with the remainder of your program. Look forward to seeing more of your posts.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Hi and welcome! I did the CNS in adult health too (used to be med/surg). I agree with Siri, doing a post- grad certificate is probably the best way to go. Good luck.