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  1. Hi guys! I have a few questions. I want to go on to masters level. I've been accepted to SLU's ACNP program (and I was going to get the FNP as a certificate) but my last 2 preceptors (FNP's) have warned me of problems within ACNP, billing etc. I do live in a small town and there are NO ACNP's in a 100 mile radius of where I live. So, my problem is this. I've been talking to advisors at the university I'm currently attending and they have recommended possibly doing the CNS/FNP dual enrollment. This satisfies that FNP requirement (my requirement in case I ever want to slow down (lol) and do family practice or urgent care or something outside of the hospital) [which is why I chose the ACNP in the first place] but I'm unsure about the CNS. About the only info I have about CNS is a diabetes specialist that I once met. I currently work in a Surgical ICU at a level I trauma center and I thought about specializing in Trauma. Can you guys give me some info to help me out in deciding whether CNS is right for me?

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    The level one trauma center in Peoria has an adult health CNS who deals with their care. Not so much hands on care, but more in an educator, change agent role. Might want to find out what CNSs do in your area.