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    I was looking into becoming an AIDS Certified Registered Nurse eventually, I'm graduating my RN program in May. I was looking at other career paths as well, but I always come back to working with HIV positive patients, I'm especially interested in working in an outpatient clinic setting or with HIV+ moms. I cannot find any information about how I become certified, what courses need to be taken, what schools offer the program, whether or not it is a masters! lol

    If there are any AIDS Certified Registered Nurses out there, I could def use some helpful info.
    Also, if you are working as an AIDs certified registered nurse, have you traveled and worked with HIV+ mothers? I would love to do that as well, but would I need additional training for that? Thanks to any help I can get.

    World AIDS Day-This fri Dec 1st. Wear a Red Ribbon!!!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Okay - here is the website for the AIDs Nurses Association:

    Association of Nurses in AIDS Care

    And here is the page for the certification process:

    Association of Nurses in AIDS Care

    Good luck!
  4. by   KMS4
    Thanks for the links, but I am still looking for information on courses. That wesbite is just saying how to take the test. I need a class first lol.
    I was wondering if there were courses specifically for this field and where I could find one. Thanks
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Oh okay - I think I would still contact them because they seem to be a good resource. Another resource might be at a large teaching hospital and call the Infectious Disease dept.
  6. by   Mission
    There are no courses required to sit for the exam. My school (Columbia) has an HIV/AIDs subspecialty, I'm not sure about schools in Mass but you could try, they may have more information about what is available in your area.

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