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clinical lunch breaks


I was wondering whether your schools have a policy on break time and lunch breaks during clinical? For example today my class had clinical and we refused the chance to take a break and we were not given a lunch time, this was an 8hour clinical and by the end we had students getting sick from not eating. I havent found anything in our policies and procedures manual regarding this but to me it just seems wrong for us to be working hard all day and to not even get a break to grab something quick at least

anonymous1919, LPN

Specializes in Geriatrics.

That is very unfair. My clinical instructor 2nd Q didn't give us lunch breaks. She told us to bring snacks and eat them if we get hungry. She did this so instead of 7 hours on the floor and 1 hour for lunch.. we could go home after 7 straight hours.

I would talk to the teacher and say skipping a lunch break is making you sick. If she says too bad go to the next person in charge. But be aware that stirring up things with a teacher could make clinicals harder as she may get mad or resent you.

If I we're you, I would bring small snacks and keep them in my pocket. If you get hungry go to the break room and eat it- or go in the bathroom if you're scared of being caught. Snack in the bathroom doesn't sound too great.. but it's that or just don't eat. I personally need a couple graham crackers or something after a few hours to keep me going.

Honestly after feeding residents in the LTC I didn't have much of an appetite. I know that sounds horrible but if you are helping them eat their food probably doesn't look very appetizing. I would think legally you are entitled to breaks and lunches just like any other job. We aren't getting paid but we are still doing work.