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I can see this topic already been talked about but could not see specifics I need for BON-Texas. Recently, CGFNS told me to include the exact theoretical and clinical hours instead of credit hours listed in our transcripts. I could do it for the theory part from the course/syllabus. But, no idea about the official clinical hours. I am from first batch of BSc-Nursing from Pokhara University and so can't find any friends who have done so. Anybody has any idea how to fill up the clinical hours? What are the areas/topics that must have minimum hours? and what hours that would be?

If somebody can share the minimum hours Texas BON needs, that would be a great help! Last but not least, Happy Dashain to you all who see/ reply to this post!


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Have you actually looked the the TX BON site and see if it's in their codes and rules section? If not there, have you written to the TX BON directly? As with most large operations that's operated by the State or government, don't expect a quick reply and you just need to be persistent.

Just think of how our own different foreign office staffs are not always the quickest on their feet plus they do have a ton of paperwork and rules they must follow, so it slows them down.


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Thanks Asst. Admin for moving the my posting to international section.

And thanks to stepbybay for your comment. I talked to TX BON who referred me to see the details in their website and the following link. The link, however, does not explain the minimum hour requirements for the most important topics listed in a.2.B:$ext.TacPage?sl=T&app=9&p_dir=N&p_rloc=113463&p_tloc=&p_ploc=1&pg=9&p_tac=&ti=22&pt=11&ch=217&rl=2

I am OK with the pace my university, CGFNS are working right now. They are actually doing it sooner than what I have heard of. The only issue here is the minimum hours esp.clinical for the major areas of concentration:

(1) nursing care of the adult which includes both medical and surgical nursing,

(2) maternal/infant nursing,

(3) nursing care of children, and

(4) psychiatric/mental health nursing;

BTW, Texas BON has a 120 credit hour rule in effect which means we must get 120 theoretical and 120 clinical credit hours but does not say anything in actual hours.

Any idea anyone?



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Actually I had the similar situation while CGFNS was evaluating my credential. In my case CGFNS sent a letter to my nursing school stating the problem and I also called my school and told them about what was needed! then they sent the listing of theory and clinical hrs of each subject from syllabus. At first they had sent transcripts where only marks were listed so I had to go through this process again! hope it helps! Best wishes for the registration process! :)

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Hi nirj.I am having the similar situation as yours.Can you please let me know the format how you college send the theory and practical hours .Thank you