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I still have a few weeks before my clinicals and from what I understand, our instructors are pretty strict on how we wear our hair. It seems like most girls are opting for cutting all their hair off short, but this just isn't an option for me.

What I want to know is if anyone knows of any good hairstyles for students with long hair? Accesories and ponytails are not allowed. They said preferably a twirled bun or a french twist, but from this I'm guessing any sort of bun-like style would be okay as long as it stays off of our shoulders and lab coat.

Also no "fly-aways" or "wispys" and I'm not a fan of the slicked down wet look so does anyone know of any good hairsprays/products to prevent the fine baby hairs from falling?

Thanks for any help/tips!

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Don't cut your hair if you don't want to. If you have long hair, you are better off putting it in a bun or making a french roll with a hair clip. The purpose of having your hair up is that your hair is one of many fomites that can spread infectious organisms and will get in the way of procedures. Just remember infection control and the safety of the patient and health care worker.

Having your hair up and a clean appearance can ease the anxiety of patients or residents they may have when the word STUDENT comes into play as well.

Plus, you'll look professionally faboo.

Good Luck!

I use a flat iron to get my flyaways under control. I also put some twists in the top that twist down into the bun or french twist. I have a link to a picture of the twists I'm talking about. They seem to keep my flyaways down. Hope this helps!:monkeydance:

Don't know if you're from the south, but we southern girls have been using Aquanet to fight humidity for years!

Good luck.

I put my hair in a sock bun. Girls in the military use them. You can find directions by googling sock bun and watch a video on YouTube. It's pretty easy and I find alot of updos difficult to do. It's what I wear to school with my nurse cap. My school is also very strict,but I understand why.

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