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I still love my Clinical Guidelines in Family Practice by Uphold but I just got a new one and wanted to share with you guys that are going to NP school or even that are new to practice and are looking for a more current book because this one it is 2011; it's called Clinical Guidelines in Primary Care A Reference and Review Book by Hollier and Hensley; I bought it at the APEA website. I'm so excited that I had to share it with you all because I'm doing my adult rotation and I've been looking for a current edition of Uphold since mine is the 4th Edition from 2003, but couldn't find one so I found this other one. I love it so far!!! If you guys have any other Clinical Guidelines that you could share the name it would be great :-)


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Thank you for that recommendation. I will check it out.


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Looking for 5th edition of Clinical Guidelines. Someone said they were coming out soon. Any replies?


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Here is the email correspondence with Connie Uphold re: 5th edition

Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2013 10:12 AM

To: Uphold, Connie

Subject: Clinical Guidelines in Family Practice

Good morning Ms. Uphold,

I am curious as to when the next edition of Clinical Guidelines in Family Practice will be out.

Thank you.



It has been a slow process this time. We are almost finished with writing… but, it will take some time for editing and printing.

Our hope would be to have available for purchase in the summer.

Thanks for your interest


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We use UpToDate and that way we stay current. No offense but books become out of date before they hit the bookshelf.


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Wow, Fruitoes, you actually got a personal response from Constance Uphold! That is amazing and thank you for sharing. I was initially horrified that we had a ten-year-old text for class and that it is still so expensive used, but it is so useful and well-written. I'd like to get the 5th edition when it comes out.