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clinical decision unit/observation/ short stay?

ivyleaf specializes in Ambulatory Case Management, Clinic, Psychiatry.

Has anyone worked in this type of setting?

what dxs do you see the most and what kind of treatments do you find yourself doing a lot (ivs, wound care, tele, etc)?

BSNbeDONE specializes in Med/Surg, LTACH, LTC, Home Health.

You'd see the same type patients here as you would on a typical Med-Surg unti. In these units, the physicians are typically on the about full admission to the hospital versus discharging back home/following on an outpatient basis.

BSNbeDONE specializes in Med/Surg, LTACH, LTC, Home Health.

That's my experience in an acute care hospital. I can only assume that a psych hospital might have some similar set up.

YoutubeTheNP specializes in ER, PCU, UCC, Observation medicine.

I work in a CDU. We have protocols for diagnoses that we can discharge within 24-48 hours (chest pains, asthma, cellulitis, tia/cva, pneumonia, head injury, bronchitis, DVT/PE, NVD, gastroenteritis) just to name a few. Though there are somethings we take that are off protocol as well; acute appendicitis, cholecystitis, kidney stone that are nontoxic and can go home same day or next day after surgery. It's fun where I work, and very laid back. All the patients are independent. No psych.


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