Clinical Bag with Muscles

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My clinical instructor required us to bring our care plan book, drug book, skills book, med surg textbook, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, eye wear protection, notebook, and other equipment that goes into our lab coat. Believe me when I say we used it ALL during each clinical. I'm looking for a good sturdy bag. My Disney tote is struggling to carry all of it. Do anyone know of a good bag that can carry it all? It prefer lots of pockets and zipper to keep it closed.

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I know some people like the LL Bean Boat Totes

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I was also going to suggest LL Bean. Lots of options for bags & backpacks and they're super sturdy.


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I have one of these. I currently have the following in it:

eyeglasses in case

Davis Drug Guide

at least 30 assorted pens, pencils and markers

spare watch

two bottles of otc medications

11" Tablet




RN Notes pocket guide

English to Spanish pocket guide

3 tins of mints

2 bags of sunflower seeds

Spanish for Health Professionals book

EKG interpretation book

spiral notebook

Epi Pen

Spare T-shirt

spare socks

spare compression hose

3 snack bars

multiple scissors, hemostats, accumulated flushes/alcohol prep pads

1/2 inch sheath of spare notes and handouts

I'm actually running a bit lighter than I normally do. It has a great construction, seems very sturdy.

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Boy Howdy - I am envisioning one of those "serious back-packer" rigs... with the big metal frame to distribute the weight on the hips rather than the back - LOL. Seriously, I know that it may be an ego-diminisher, but maybe you should consider something with wheels?