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So I'm a home health nurse and I work with ventilated clients. One of my clients lives in a house across from their parents whom are elderly. Most nurses try to prevent the parents from bring in free items they find In the community into my clients space, but quickly are sent away by the patents who get angry when directly asked to quit bringing in new objects. Their house across the street is already filled completely with only walk paths left. I'm determined to stay on this case as my client can do nothing to stop this and needs good nurses. I've gained the trust of the patents and can reach them more than anyone else, but every subtle idea I send their way does little to stop the hoarding. The mother stated she wants to get rid of things so my client can come live in their home instead of the home across the street. She gets rid of things by giving them away, but refuses to throw anything away. Also if either of them see a "good deal," they go and get more stuff. Today they just got a giant recliner chair and left it on the sidewalk. I don't want to push too hard and lose their trust, but I'm afraid they'll begin cluttering my clients space eventually if I don't come up with something more effective. I've managed to clear and dispose of somethings with their permission after careful discussion to at least slightly reduce things at my clients house, but I feel like their gathering is exceeding how fast I can convince them to get rid of things. Please post any suggestions if you have any.


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I would ask for a case conference at the agency. Perhaps the agency can get social worker, outside agencies involved before situation becomes worse.

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This is a mental illness. They cannot be helped until they are ready to accept help


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You need a social worker and your entire team....HH nursing is a team experience...remember a HHA floor is really big and covers A LOT of territory....