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Cleveland Clinic for CRNA School


Hi! My long-term goal is CRNA. I got an ICU offer from Cleveland Clinic (#2 hospital in the nation), but not main campus. It's for one of their regional hospitals. It's not a trauma hospital, but the residency would still go through main campus. I would be moving from California and was wondering if the name of the hospital system and ICU experience would be worth it enough? I plan to do 2 years ICU then find a job in an actual level 1 trauma center in CA. Would this also be a good name to have on my resume despite it not being main campus?

Please don't get caught up on the Level 1 thing. It is the experience you are getting, not the designation, that matters.

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Also, the name of the hospital and its national ranking are completely meaningless. It is the quality of experience which you get, and skills you obtain, that matter. Nobody, except maybe other CC people, would care at all.


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Absolutely! And being an ICU nurse in the hospital system may give you a competitive edge there, if you apply to their CRNA School.

I am a graduate/now retired from Hamot Medical Center in Erie Pa. Anesthesia for nurses and the new DNP requirement is a good pathway to success, and with salaries currently over $200K/year.

Nurse Anesthetists/ Nurse practitioners or APRN's in most states will not be leaving the work force anytime soon, and have been on the forefront of modern surgery for nearly 100 years. (C 1930's)

Good luck in your next career and always.

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As long as you are not working in the main campus J building, you will be fine. J building's culture is horrible and you will end up your days crying every night. Nurses and managers are sucks here. As BigPappaCRNA said, the name of the hospital and its national ranking is meaningless. That does not impact on nurses' environment at all. I'm currently working in the J building but looking for another job. Definitely not a good place to work!

To echo everyone's sentiments, the hospital itself isn't a huge focus. The experience and how well you grow from it matters most!