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I keep hitting a brick wall with my application process. The newest issue is the fact that even though over the last six years I have taken 196 credits and gotten all A's except for three B's graduating Magna Cum Laude from Drexel University with a B.S. I am paying for a mistake 23 years ago in high school biology. I found out I could get on the waiting list for THIS January and it looked good for getting in and I was so excited. I ran around and got all my transcripts sent over and filled out the forms. They told me I needed my high school transcripts. I said I have a BS. No one needs my high school transcripts. I didn't need them for the BSN I was going to do why do I need them for an ADN? Anyway I had a rebelious year 23 years ago in high school biology and they won't consider my application until I pass it with a C. I don't want to take the full course because I won't even be able to apply for Fall 2004 admission until six to eight weeks past the application date (when the course finishes). I fought for them to accept the CLEP test and now I'm nervous about taking it. :) I bought a 1200 page book to study. Thanks for letting me vent. I am so frustrated about this. Has anyone taken this? If so how long did you study for? I'm trying to figure out how much time to take before I set up the appointment. I know it's different for everybody but I'm curious. I want to take it soon and get on the waiting list before it closes.

Thanks again!


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Ack, I don't have any advice to offer, but GOOD LUCK!

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No, but I'm taking the CLEP for Human Growth and Development. It's the only way to go with this one.

(A 1200-page book? OMG!)


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I've never taken that test, but have known people that clep humanities, english, and social sciences.

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