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i asked the lord to tell me

why my house is such a mess.

he asked if i'd been 'puting,

and i had to answer "yes."

he told me to get off my butt

and tidy up the house.

and so i started cleaning up...

the smudges off my mouse.

i wiped and shined the topside.

that really did the trick...

i was just admiring my work...

i didn't mean to 'click.'

but click, i did, and oops i found

a real absorbing site

that i got so way into...

i was into it all night. :imbar >

nothing's changed except my mouse

it's very, very shiny.

i guess my house will stay a mess...

while i sit here on my hiney.

suzy253, RN

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:roll :roll

Cute, cute...even with a little image to go with it.

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